My teaching 


My objective as a lecturer is to motivate my students and play a crucial role to develop their own learning interests, critical thinking, and analytical skills. I am committed to teaching innovation and creating an inclusive space for my students. I believe that teaching and research should go hand in hand. This is the reason that my approach to teaching revolves around the mutual relationship between research and teaching. I give a strong emphasis on theory, policy, and practice while teaching my subject. One of my main aims is to ensure that the students acquire a firm grounding in research methodology. I encourage my students to embrace an empirical approach and produce critical knowledge. This method enables them to develop analytical skills necessary to interpret both quantitative and qualitative data and address everyday political, social, philosophical, and cultural debates broadly. I employ interdisciplinary teaching approach to help students explore the interactions between the state and non-state forces, oppression and resistance, policy and politics, history and contemporary political and social problems.

*Research Philosophy and Methodology (Module Leader)

*Social Research Methods (Module Leader)

* Introduction to Research Methods

(Module Leader)

*Long Dissertation Project (Module Leader)

* Doing Grounded Theory (Module Leader)

* The Sociology of Violence (Module Leader)

* Computer Programmes for Qualitative Data (Module Leader)

*Advanced Research Methods

I am happy to supervise PhD students if your topic broadly lies in my research interest and expertise