Criminalisation of Young Black Men Provides a Tragic Portrait of State Violence

These are the remarkable photos taken by David Allen who potrayed the dissent in the streets of Baltimore through these tragic scenes after the death of Freddie Gray on April 12. Freddie Gray lost his life because of severe injuries caused by the police shortly after his arrest. He is only one of the young black men who paid huge prices like Oscar Grant, Eric Garner and Michael Brown because of racism, pathetic cultural norms and police violence. The persistent continuity of racial discrimination, marginalisation of the Poor and the Powerless and criminalisation of the dissent are all poignant reminders of the failure of social justice in the USA. More tragically, the gap between the rulers of polity and the citizens has been widening more and more in each single day in different social and political geographies. This widening gap is the evidence of radicalisation path led by the state policies.