The Loop

I wrote for the Loop about the common ground shared by populist politicians and radical militants. A common ground based on an orientalist vision which poses to threats to us all! 

RUSI - Royal United Services Institute

In my article for Rusi, I explain how Sicilian society fights against the Mafia. This is an unyielding and long struggle initiated by civil society that puts the young people in the frontline of their resistance to change cultural norms and consolidate a culture of lawfulness. In my ethnographic research, I highlight the possibility of this change and challenges against this struggle.

Discover Society

My article for Discover Society looks at body-worn-cameras and its effectiveness. I argue that we can increase transparency and keep the police force accountable against the use of force if technology is used effectively.

The Times

In the article written by the Times, I was consulted about my views related to the emergence of the Mafia as a solid organisation in Sicily and its relation to the agricultural economy of the island which cannot be separated from major political changes and social negligence of Sicily.