Precarious Journalism: Breaking Silence against the Mafia

Investigative journalism has an important mission as it unveils the deftly covered subjects by the dark factions of society. Defending the commons and serving the public ethics for a better society are distinctive practices of an investigative journalist whose reformative struggle aims to inform the degenerated public culture. However, exposing 'dangerous information' comes at a huge price. If the particular case is journalism and the mafia in Italy, we need to remember Giuseppe Fava who is one of the most important Sicilian journalists assassinated by the mafia. When Giuseppe Fava declared that the mafia is in the parliament in his last interview above, he violated the limits of the Sicilia

The Ravages of Social Catastrophe

The video was recorded during the first days of the Gezi uprising. The article also deals with the Gezi protests. Yet it also includes other similar uprising movements around the world that were organised within the last three years. The article makes it clear that the commonalities of these resisting initatives symbolise the parallel dynamics of a new public culture. The particular social protests explored in this study were derived from the cases in England, Italy, Spain, India, Egypt and Turkey. I added some paragraphes from this study below. "This article draws attention to the ‘politics of catastrophe prevention’ and the deficiencies of the social mega-project of the current global orde

Women in the Italian Mafia

The video was recorded in 2001 and it shows that women take strategic and essential roles in the mafia. On the other hand, my recent study argues that there are different woman characters and the reductionist attempt to generalise mafia women under the one umbrella character is not helpful neither to understand the role of women nor sociocultural codes of the mafia. I attached some important passages from the article that was published in Deviant Behavior. Please click here to read the full article. "The diversification of women’s characters has not been categorized or conceptualized from a feminist perspective. This article aims to fill this gap first by categorizing women in the Italian ma

Failed Turkish Polity on the Path of Despair

Turkish elections in June 2015 became another nail in the coffin of leaving one party rule as the Justice and Development Party, AKP in Turkish, lost the majority in the parliament. This means that a coalition or cooperation is a necessity to form the government. In fact, shortly after the election results, a vital relief brought hope and struggle into the Turkish polity that was already crippled by the authoritarian assemblage in the last decade. Yet it tragically became more discernible later that the same hope has withered when the rise of HDP, rooted in the Kurdish political life and deeply coloured by leftist and democratic discourses, has become the discriminatory target of the AKP and