Winter Sleep: A troubled Turkish community, sociocultural gaps and the brutal solitude in Cappadocia

The masterpiece of Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Winter Sleep, brought him Palme d'Or last year. The trailer is now available also in English. The film explores the microcosmic social life in Cappadocia through the story of Aydin who is a former actor and runs a small hotel in the town with his young wife Nihal with whom he has a tempestuous relationship. Aydin's sister Necla appears also as a suffering character who has recently divorced. The approaching winter and the brutal solitude in the hotel fuels with in-depth intellectual discourse that is discernible in the dialogues of the much confused and less pacified characters. The compelling and skillful cinematography of Ceylan demonstrates the fragil

Refugees and Hopelessness: Rethinking Apathy and Ignorance as Oppressive Instruments

The recent tragic death toll created hundredth of victims who perished disgracefully in the Mediterranean Sea. The EU states expressed their sorrow one by one shortly after the incident. However, the political and social responsibility sharing has not been completely embraced as a principal norm to resolve this complex tragedy among the EU states. The measures taken by the member states in the EU are mostly focused on the prevention of the refugees rather than uncovering the fundamental local and international problems that led to this tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea. What we urgently need is not simply empathy to understand the dreadful conditions of the hopeless people who have to leave t